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Cardboard Events Convention Software

Premier BGE offers world-class, customized board game software support for conventions, storefronts, and more. Why Cardboard Events? The answer is simple: we offer more, for less, with superior quality and a more friendly user experience than our competitors. We look forward to partnering with you to make your next event as successful as it can possibly be.

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Convention Software

Cardboard Events will offer registration management and badge printing software, game library checkin/checkout software, game scheduling and signup management software and  a game library website for conventions.  All for a very reasonable one event pricing structure.... 

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Store Front Software

Coming 4th quarter 2023. Cardboard Events software is excited to soon be able to offer our same great software packages tailored to the needs of friendly local game stores (FLGS), plus a few extra bells and whistles with just storefronts in mind. All for a very reasonable monthly subscription pricing structure...

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Game Master  Software

Cardboard Events software is not done yet! Plans are in the works for software to assist all of the game teachers and tournament organizers of the world that just need a good piece of software to help them run a great event.

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